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How blended learning can be beneficial in your industry

Site Online Learning | September 21, 2019

The development of online learning experiences has made education and training more accessible for digital users. Whether you’re a student or an employee, you can now engage with learning and training material in your own terms. Nevertheless, relying completely on online learning to deliver concepts and information can hinder the effectiveness of an individual’s learning experience. A combination of eLearning components paired with real-world face-to-face interactions allows the individual to put the skills and teachings presented on-screen into practice’

This is where a blended solution comes in. A learning experience that combines traditional and modern learning conventions to elevate an individual’s competence and skill level within a specific field. If you’re looking to combine learning methods into your organisation or educational setting, a blended learning solution might be the right option for you. Check out our break down on some of its key benefits.  

It encourages various forms of engagement. As blended learning includes both online and face-to-face learning, it helps employees learn to engage with team members and course material in a few different ways. With online learning, an employee can engage with course material in their own pace and in a time and place that’s convenient to them. They also learn how to work within a global environment where they work in virtual teams. The face-to-face aspect of blended learning encourages social interactions, activities and a communal learning experience. This will not only expand the employee’s learning capabilities, but also strengthen and unify team culture within the organisation.

Track status and get real time feedback. One of the biggest benefits of eLearning is the ability to gain real time feedback, allowing the individual to learn at their own pace and be self-critical of their progress. When this process is rounded out by a face-to-face aspect it will help the student/employee improve and advance on the feedback gained during the course and allow the trainer/employer to impart their knowledge, skills and experience.

Flexibility and freedom. Blended learning solutions work effectively for courses that aim to develop critical thinking or creativity. Introductory concepts of a topic can be taught conventionally (face-to-face/classroom), after which the learner is given the freedom to explore and apply the theory into practice within an interactive or gamified eLearning experience.

Better communication. As mentioned above, some courses require traditional learning at the beginning and an eLearning module to complete their course. For other courses, the process is more beneficial in reverse. For these courses, delivering the eLearning first helps the individual better retain theoretical concepts whereas the traditional face-to-face environment can open the communication lines between the trainer and learner in a safe and interactive environment.

Use of existing knowledge and resources. For many organisations, completely restructuring their existing training program is not a viable option. There are practices and resources that can’t be transferred into an eLearning program. In this instance a blended learning solution gives you the opportunity to keep the resources that work without the large overhead costs.

If your organisation is looking to transition into eLearning or is finding that a pure eLearning program isn’t delivering the results that you expected, have a chat with one of our experts as a blended learning solution could bring the best outcomes for your organisation.

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