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It's a brand-new Year! Here are our eLearning predictions for 2019

Site Online Learning | January 14, 2019

The eLearning industry is constantly evolving and adapting whilst offering possibilities of convenience, accessibility, and personalisation that training has never seen before.

We have approached 2019 and the industry is going through a phase of significant and rapid “learning revolution”.

Here, we look at 5 of the most noteworthy learning trends of the year

So, let’s generate some realistic and specific goals that can help you achieve eLearning greatness in 2019. Here are four realistic outlines to get your started:

1. Adaptive Learning

LMSs are gearing up to compete with platforms that are offering adaptive learning. Hence it will be an important and interesting trend to watch out for in the coming year. Adaptive learning is here to stay, and the experimentation phase is over, and it will all about action in 2019.

2. Microlearning

Any time you turn to an Internet-enabled device to find something, learn something, watch something or purchase something—you are experiencing a micro-moment.

A micro-moment is an intent-driven action powered by an Internet-enabled device.

With so much information available at our fingertips, organisations need to ensure learners are receiving the right information. Organisations must develop just-in-time learning solutions to meet them where they are – on any device.

Doing so also provides the L&D leaders a better understanding of those internal subject matter experts, who they are and how they can be developed even further to provide additional value.

3. Social Learning

Social learning involves collaboration between individuals at the workplace through various modes, such as forums, informal chat sessions, sharing sessions, and learning circles. Social learning has picked up in the last few years thanks to the emphasis on building a learning organisation. As more collaborative tools are developed, social learning will continue to grow and leave an impact in the year 2019 and beyond.

4. Mobile Learning

There’s a reason why more and more companies are pumping money into mobile learning technology and mobile app development year after year. Mobile apps are one of the hottest mobile learning trends driving the market today.

The formats of mobile apps and mobile learning technology for learning are remarkably different from traditional eLearning.

Read more about reasons why mobile apps the right fit for your learning strategy.

5. Multi-device Learning

Progressive companies are developing ways to reach employees where they are — providing real-time learning, in short, compelling content bursts on multiple devices.

One of the greatest benefits of multi device learning is that it encourages far more student interaction than more traditional classroom-based learning. Interaction is a huge benefit: the more your students are invited to interact, the more engaged they’re likely to be.

We can help your organisation implement eLearning trends effectively. Talk to us on 1300 800 288 or email


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