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Winning Big At The LearnX Live Awards

Site Online Learning | July 10, 2019

Designing modern training for modern learners is what we value. And when this vision is driven by a dynamic team who are passionate about delivering the best learning experience for their clients, coming into work (whether you’re in the Philippines or Aussie office) is a ‘big win’.

But the team’s recent efforts became even more fulfilling when our General Manager, Andlen, announced that he received an email from the 2019 LearnX Live Awards extending their congratulations on the following:

Gold Winner: Best Talent – Learning & Development Team – Site Group International

Silver Winner: Best eLearning Design – Simulation – Site Group International

Finalist: Best eLearning Design – Game – Site Group International

Now in their 12th year since operation in 2008, the LearnX Live Awards is an annual event that celebrates innovative workforce learning and technologies that cross over multiple fields from corporate to education and the public sector.

Below is a brief description of how we tackled each project to find the best learning solution for our clients.

Gold Winner: Best Learning & Development Team

It was an absolute pleasure to work with an aviation giant not only because we required everyone’s creative input and expertise, but we also collaborated with a full film crew, professional actors and multimedia developers to create a unique learning material.

For this project we condensed a three-day face-to-face course into a self-paced online module and one-day workshop for employees who want to be a part of the family assistance volunteers program.

Within the scenario course the participant navigates the protagonist as she assists the friends and family members of passengers involved in a flight incident. Promoting critical thinking, the course allows the participant to lead the narrative, as well as learn and make mistakes in a safe environment.

Our Learning Experience Manager, Liezl, says, “This team is very dynamic, and I think we’re not afraid of changes, we’re not afraid of new things. I see that in the future of Site Online Learning... more unique eLearning courses.”

Silver Winner: Best eLearning Design – simulation

A complete orthopaedic shoes manufacturer came to us in the hopes of creating a simulation eLearning software that provides in-depth training for new employees to use their software.

In order to provide a self-paced training tool to reduce face-to-face management by team leaders, we developed a series of exercises that simulate the order entry process in the workplace and their order entry platform. What we love about the eLearning simulation software is that the activities aren’t graded and meant as a discovery learning experience. This provides a safe virtual environment for new employees to make meaningful mistakes and learn from them.

The General Manager of the shoe company said, “The world in general is going digital so having an online module well built will basically allow the company to retain the knowledge within the company itself.”

Finalist: Best eLearning Design – game

Collaborating with a university was exciting as they were looking for a creative solution that can help their employees on the principles of leadership and SWOT analysis.

Thus, a single player game was conceptualised in which the learner must take the lead in order to organise, motivate and lead a group of people who survived a plane crash on an island.

Equipped with xAPI technology, this allows us to track all interaction in the course and generate analytics that can provide insights such as identifying the most/least engaging part of the course or identifying learning effectiveness of each activity.

The Head of the University said, “I think it’s very creative because it’s not just a game, but something that is really interesting and can be highly engaging to our employees.”

What’s next for us?

Overall, getting recognised by the LearnX Live Awards was a humbling experience and gave us the opportunity to not only reflect on our achievements, but also celebrate what makes us a uniqe team with a lot to offer the eLearning landscape.

As our General Manager, Andlen Go, says,“Getting recognition in all our entries on the very first award event we participated in is a very rewarding experience.

This somehow validates that the things we do are timely and at par with some of the best practices in the eLearning industry.”

The LearnX Award winners were announced in June 2019 with the Winners Show being held at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne on 16 October 2019.

If you’d like to hear more about the processes involved in these projects or want to get your own project developed, we’d love to chat! Feel free to contact us on 1300 800 288 or email

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