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A Short Guide to Increase Employee Engagement in Corporate Training

Site Online Learning | September 17, 2018

The learning and development training opportunities that come with the new digital landscape are endless. So, how do you increase employee engagement in corporate training? Adhering to core principles of learning and teaching are critical to developing multi-media content that is relevant, engaging and takes what people learn so it can be applied to their day-to-day role. 

First things first, basic principles of learning and teaching still apply.

  • The learning environment needs to be supportive and productive
  • The learning environment promotes independent learning
  • On the job performance outcomes are linked to the training content
  • Students are challenged
  • Assessment is ongoing and part of teaching and learning

Add audio and video to the content

Adding video to eLearning courses is a sure way of increasing engagement. It combines texts, images and sounds to create an immersive learning environment. Rich Audios and Videos are fast becoming the de facto' choice for eLearning.

Make quizzes after short part of material

The Richardson blog post talks about how quizzes can be used to motivate people to "want to" learn. Quizzes in eLearning can be used to motivate learners, help them remember what they learned, and assess what they learned. Research shows us this and can be used to our advantage, if we follow a few simple principles mentioned above to make quizzes more effective.

Offer immediate feedback to allow learners to learn from mistakes

eLearning provides the best environment for making mistakes. The best part is that a learner can take all the bad decisions there are, without your organisation having to suffer any consequences in terms of reputation or costs.

Organisations can take this opportunity to provide constructive feedback to mitigate these mistakes being repeated in real life situations.

Add gamification techniques

Gamification is a winner because humans are innately competitive and like to win and see progress. It is one of the best types of learning, because it takes adults back to play and learning which we all did as children and the retention rate is higher.

Linking training back to on the job performance

By aligning training content with the business structure and learner needs, which includes developing a rich learning environment, organisations can create content that delivers meaningful information and enables learners to retain information and ultimately perform at a higher level. This is a win for the employee and a big win for the business.

A culture of engaged learning builds employee confidence and, in return, employees recognise company’s investment into their development. This translates

Key questions to ask

Clear objectives ensure the purpose of training is always clear and content is always relevant with a clear outcome. Training tools are also important.

  • What are the learning objectives?
  • How does content relate to job related tasks?
  • How long will training take?
  • Who will you be training?
  • What tools do they have for training? Consider technical capabilities. E.g. laptop, tablet, fast internet connection
  • What assessment will you have in place to test comprehension and competency?
  • How will you be catering to different learning styles and personalities?

Talk to us about your learning and training goals. We can develop a solution on budget, on time that equips your workforce to deliver exceptional results.

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