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ELearning 101: Retaining Quality at a Competitive Price

Site Online Learning | April 16, 2018

It can sound too good to be true. But, the project management triangle is something we discuss everyday with clients. Do you choose cost and quality over time, or quality and time over cost, or cost and time over quality? It’s a tongue twister and also a point of discussion when choosing the right online learning solution.

We work with clients everyday to understand the vision and purpose of their online learning solution.

  • Who are the users?
  • What are the learning objectives?
  • What content must be covered?
  • What is mandatory?
  • What is nice to have, can’t do now but we can do later?
  • What’s the timeframe to deliver?
  • Who is in the team?
  • What is the budget?
  • What are the deliverables?

Choose quality every time

Taking the time to understand learning and development objectives is crucial if you want to create a quality learning solution that connects with learners plus translates to clear return on training investment. We work closely to understand the business requirements, budget and timeframe. This clear understanding enables us to develop options and put a strategic plan in place to implement a quality solution and exceed online learning objectives. 

How much should organisations pay for a learning solution?

This ties back to the learning objectives and there is not a golden number for all solutions or companies. One size does not fit all. Business News Western Australia highlighted three key areas to focus on to get the most value from your learning and development initiatives in this article ‘Learning and Development on a Budget’ (2017). Read through the article and evaluate these three learning areas of your business:

  1. Policy, process & structure
  2. Select effective learning and development options and
  3. Maximising available financial support

How do you retain quality?

Choosing an expert team with the case studies, skills, systems and experience is integral to online learning solution delivery. We have the online learning experience and a dedicated team of instructional designers, trainers and user experience specialists focused on delivering cutting edge online learning solutions. We leverage a global team at a competitive price.

Talk to us about your learning and training goals. We can develop a solution on budget, on time that equips your workforce to deliver exceptional results.

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