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Our Custom Course Design Expertise

Customized eLearning Design and Development

If you do not want to limit your learner’s experience, expectations and engagement, you may want to consider customizing how your eLearning is designed. Our custom eLearning or Bespoke eLearning development services will allow you to transform your contents into a media-rich interactive lessons design and built according to your brand, themes, learner’s profile and business requirements.

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eLearning Strategy, Design and Discovery Workshop

New to eLearning? You might already have an idea about elearning, but you still do not know where and how to begin to get it started? Our pool of consultants, analysts and developers would be able to share with you eLearning strategies and best practices derived from our years of experience. This will equip you with needed mindset, strategies and tools to get you started on the right track. Let us talk about how we can provide you with a complete eLearning Strategy, Design and Discovery Workshop.

Rapid eLearning Design

Need an eLearning course ASAP? Our rapid development and design will get you running with your eLearning course in a few weeks’ time. We will work with your readily-available learning contents and transform them in a digital and graphical format using a variety of industry standard authoring tools. The sooner we start, the sooner you can roll-out your eLearning course. Get in touch with us now.


Scenario-based eLearning Design

Behavioral and performance based training are best taught in real-life learning situations. Although it has limitations, eLearning becomes very effective in providing safe environment to learners where they can make meaningful mistakes. In scenario-based design type of training, your learners will be taught to make decisions and experience the consequence of those decisions. Scenario-based design saves a lot of time learners use from passive information push type of learning. Talk to us to understand how we can build your scenario-based training derived from your own story, experience and learnings.

Instructional Video Design

Training videos can be very effective when demonstrating “how to” or “how not to”. It allows the learners to view the content as many time as needed, available on demand and easy to distribute contents in smaller chunks. This eLearning design will help deliver your procedural or instructional content. We can support you with a full film crew and post production team who can create high-quality video presentation. Recording your SME’s training or explanation is also a good way to use videos in standardizing content delivery. Contact us to know more.

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Key Product and Service Differentiators

  • We leverage open source technologies.
  • We are advocates of Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies.
  • We implement robust infrastructure and architecture proven and used by reputed organisations (WSO2, Liferay, Moodle, AWS, etc.).
  • We offer client-oriented, end-to-end services supported by our Subject Matter Experts, technicians, developers and designers.
  • We deliver eLearning solutions that are effective, easy and engaging within an agreed time frame.

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