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Online Learning Success

Start Your Digital Learning Transformation Journey.

As your organization continues to grow, and learning technologies continue to develop, the opportunity to digitally transform your business has never been more possible.

Site Online Learning specializes in equipping organizations of any size with the capacity and capabilities to embark on digital learning. We provide you with customized learning programs and online learning technologies built to suit your unique business learning requirements.

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We Specialize in

Developing Online Courses

Site Online Learning converts your learning contents to online learning courses, designed by a highly knowledgeable team of instructional designers and developers from both Australia and the Philippines.

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Learning platforms (LMS and portals)

We provide you with in-house built platforms and technologies that will allow you to manage enrolments, deliver your courses and assessments, track your learner’s progress and certificates, and many more.

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Integration with Mobile and Web Applications

Deliver your eLearning through various mobile devices and web platforms that can be configured, integrated and customized to fit your business process. Let us link our tools with your existing platforms for a more streamlined process.

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Online Learning Consultancy

We collaborate closely with your stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to create online learning solutions that fulfill your business goals. We walk you through the entire project cycle, from the discovery phase up to strategy formulation, design, development, implementation, and continuous integration.

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Our 5 Step Approach to Success

We take a 5-step approach to deliver creative solutions that effectively reach learners and equip them with skills to excel in their roles.

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Why should organization consider moving to eLearning?

Our solution is primarily focused in helping organization to make the most out of their available resources while enhancing training experiences of their employees.

TeLearning does not only increase the competitive edge of businesses, it can also significantly decrease costs of training.

eLearning also increases content reach and accessibility. It allows for learning contents to be delivered in a format that is consistent. Contents that frequently change can be updated easily and centrally.

More importantly, eLearning could provide better learning experiences for new breeds of learners.

Consequently, web tools and platforms allow training administrators or trainers to manage assessments and track learning progress easily.

If you’re interested in developing streamlined eLearning training and experiences for your employees, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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Our recent news, activities and upcoming online courses.

Why gamification is making an impact in the education industry

Site Online Learning | August 29, 2019
Though initially picked up by marketers, today gamification is having its biggest impact within the educational space.
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How on-the-job training can build an efficient and empowered team

Site Online Learning | July 30, 2019
Do you have systems or processes in place to ensure your employees (both old and new), have the knowledge and the skills to excel and be confident in their roles?
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Winning big at the LearnX Live Awards

Site Online Learning | July 10, 2019
Designing modern training for modern learners is what we value. And when this vision is driven by a dynamic team who are passionate about delivering the best learning experience for their clients, coming into work (whether you’re in the Philippines or Aussie office) is a ‘big win’.
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