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Designing Modern Training
for Modern Learners

Designing Modern Training
for Modern Learners.


We help organizations transition from traditional
to digital training delivery.


Our eLearning solutions enable the delivery of
efficient, effective and modern training
to modern learners.


Meet the Modern Learner



The modern learner goes online 27 times each day, unlocks their smartphones 9 times every hour, and is frequently interrupted due to work collaboration tools. So much is happening within the same amount of time.



The modern learner is a busy person that is stressed from information overload, with just 1 percent of a typical week or very little time, if any, for formal training and development.



When faced with a learning or performance problem, the modern learners look for quick and easy solutions by searching for answers online.

Source: Bersin by Deloitte

Modern Training Expectations


Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Learning must be with the learner. 70% of learners use smartphones to learn. 47% learn in the evenings and weekends. 27% learn while commuting.


On-demand Learning

People want quick and easy solutions to address their interests and needs.



As much as 80 percent of all workplace learning happens through interactions with peers, teammates, and managers.


Self-directed Learning

“Just-in-time, just-for-me”, self-paced eLearning is what the modern learners want.

How we approach eLearning


Contextualised vs. Generic Content Approach

We embed practical, real-life scenarios that our learners can relate with their own experiences and prior knowledge to achieve the best learning outcomes.


Discovery Learning vs. Content Exposure

Exposing learners to information doesn't automatically mean they would learn from it. We design our courses in a way that leads to discovery of knowledge and active learning.


Activity Focused vs. Content Focused

The modern learner wants to be engaged. Thus, we involve them through activities in the learning process. This allows for a deeper and more meaningful appreciation to the materials learned.


Iterative vs. Linear Process

We split up the process into stages instead of defining the design solution for the entire product before building. This leads to a better and faster produced end-product.

Featured Instructional Design


A scenario-based online course is one that places learners in a virtual environment not unlike their own work environment. Familiar situations are presented that allow them to make certain decisions.

Software Simulation

If your workers are having problems with a certain piece of software, the SOL team can simulate this software with accuracy to a degree. With this simulation, we can then present problems and situations that learners need to accomplish.

Explainer Video

For some, the direct approach is ideal. With certain concepts, sometimes it is just better to explain it to the learners. The SOL team recommends utilizing either a real person discussing the topic via our green screen studio.


The modern learner responds to different approaches. One such approach that has gained popularity is through games. This course blends the learning experience with fun and engaging custom-made games.



Our pool of consultants, analysts, and developers can share eLearning strategies and best practices derived from years of experience. This will equip you with the needed mindset, strategies, and tools to get you on the right track. Let us talk about how we can provide you with a complete eLearning Strategy, Design, and Discovery Workshop.

Custom Course Development

Site Online Learning converts your learning contents to online learning courses, designed by a highly knowledgeable team of instructional designers and developers from both Australia and the Philippines.

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Learning Platforms

We provide you with in-house built platforms and technologies that will allow you to manage enrolments, deliver your courses and assessments, track your learner’s progress and certificates, and many more.

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