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How Multi-device learning transforms L&D

Site Online Learning | December 12, 2018

Let’s be honest: your employees use smartphones and tablets every day, everywhere — before work, during work and after work. Some employers may wonder if this strong reliance on mobile devices (one study said it’s over 200 different times per day) hinders productivity.

But could it instead be a blessing in disguise? Progressive companies should develop ways to reach these employees where they are — providing real-time learning, in short, compelling content bursts on multiple devices.

1. Multi device learning can make it easier for students to engage with course content

The easier you make it for your employees to engage with eLearning content, the more likely it is that they’ll keep engaging. Many eLearning providers believe that providing multi device learning via a responsive tablet or smartphone application can help to reduce drop off rates.

2. It can promote everyday learning

As our society has adapted to the growth of the digital world, we have become far more adept at processing the myriad of information that’s now available to us. Because of this, learning has become less of a thing that happens in specific educational spaces and more a practice that we embrace as part of our everyday lives.

3. It can make eLearning more digestible

When long-duration courses are divided as short nuggets, they become easier to digest allowing learners to retain knowledge for longer. Enterprises prefer delivering micro-content to make it convenient for modern learners to access training modules of their choice and at their own pace. again, can help to keep learners engaged and prevent them being overwhelmed by the scope of what’s available.

4. It can invite more interaction

One of the greatest benefits of multi device learning is that it encourages far more student interaction than more traditional classroom-based learning. Interaction is a huge benefit: the more your students are invited to interact, the more engaged they’re likely to be. A mobile app designed for learning will enable students to engage with their tutors and peers throughout their day, without the need to log in as they may have to do on a solely browser-based learning application.

5. It can add an additional layer to face to face events

Multi device learning doesn’t have to be used to replace more traditional in-person learning experiences. Rather, this type of smartphone and tablet application can be used to enhance classroom interactions. By using an app in the classroom, tutors can host exciting and interactive activities while keeping track of how students are doing.

At Site Online Learning, we can help you with multi-device learning. If you’d talk to a Subject Matter Expert, call us on 1300 800 288 or email


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