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How does Learning Management Systems deliver Just-in-Time Learning?

Site Online Learning | July 9, 2018

As Richard Branson once famously stated, “Time is the new money”. Gone are the days when news and current events were only delivered in periodical intervals. Now we can simply pull a mobile phone from our pocket and find the latest news minutes after it happens.

This cultural shift has made modern learners expect most information to be available anytime and anywhere, on-demand. The modern workforce prefers training to be available at the point of need as per their convenience of time and place. This wave of expectations has added a new approach to training known as JIT (Just-in-Time) learning. 

Using a robust Learning Management System (LMS) for workplace training, JIT learning reduces time invested on varied learning activities, leading to increased employee retention and workplace productivity.

Why is Just-in-Time learning an optimum choice?

Today, majority of organisations adopt effective learning strategies that are tailored to serve customised needs of diversified audiences. Unlike traditional classroom-based approach, JIT learning is instructed via robust LMSs which cater to diverse learning needs.

3 key features that make JIT learning a rewarding choice:

  • Learners have full control on what type of courses they access, learn and adapt.
  • Courses are perfectly aligned with the preferred learning styles and preferences.
  • Ease to access courses anytime and anywhere.

The blend of above mentioned features ensures reduction in training costs with increase in employee engagement, retention and workplace productivity.

When long-duration courses are divided as short nuggets, they become easier to digest allowing learners to retain knowledge for longer. Enterprises prefer delivering micro-content to make it convenient for modern learners to access training modules of their choice and at their own pace.

Ask these questions before you start:

  • When will this knowledge or skill be used?
  • What will have the greatest impact on the learner’s ability to perform their task, or change their behaviour?
  • Can the training be seamlessly integrated into work?
  • How do we ensure that the training is accessible?
  • Can our material be translated into JIT learning?
  • Do we have the necessary skills to design these learning experiences?

You can take advantage of Just-in-time learning with our user-friendly, customised and affordable LMS. Contact us for a Free Trial through the form below.

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