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Are You setting eLearning Resolutions?

Site Online Learning | December 17, 2018

It's that time to reflect on what you accomplished last year and how you will make 2019 even better. Some people say resolutions last only until the first crisis erupts. However, most say resolutions are effective guidelines toward organisational success.

Research has shown that you are more likely to keep your resolutions if you are realistic and specific. While most of us can see the application of this logic when applied to weight loss, or our finances, it might be less clear when trying to apply this to eLearning.

As an eLearning professional, whether you are a Developer, Trainer, Project Manager, or Instructional Designer, in order to grow it is essential that you take the time to define what you want to achieve. Then, take that goal and make it more specific.

So, let’s generate some realistic and specific goals that can help you achieve eLearning greatness in 2019. Here are four realistic outlines to get your started:


Aim to enhance learning experience by presenting with multi-media rich content and engaging.

Utilise gamified learning and assessments; scenario-based lessons, multimedia presentations that use voice over audio, graphics that enhances context and script written as stories.


An effective learning experience is a result of an efficient process. Find ways to automate the experience achieving enhanced productivity.


Offer pluggable solutions to facilitate learning delivery and management. This allows learning solutions can be easily connected around existing systems in your business.


Go digital. Digital technology has given us the ability to distribute learning resources across the world instantaneously. Transitioning to the digital format is not only cost effective but easier for the learner.

The well-known mnemonic, SMART Goals, developed by Peter Drucker, is a useful checklist for effective goal setting:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time defined

However, the SMART approach does underplay the role of the frontline manager in helping their teams achieve their goals. By monitoring milestones, providing on-going support, workplace coaching and, where necessary, challenging underperformance, managers can make an important contribution to their teams in achieving their Learning goals.

We wish you a successful 2019!


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