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Best Practice for Multimedia Learning

Site Online Learning | April 23, 2018

The changing digital environment is super exciting. It has changed the way we shop, we travel, we research accommodation options, we listen to music, how we seek entertainment, seek employment and also develop and train professional teams. How do you stay relevant and connect with employees that are used to multiple modes of communication and stimuli overload?



First things first, basic principles of learning and teaching still apply.

  • The learning environment needs to be supportive and productive
  • The learning environment promotes independent learning
  • On the job performance outcomes are linked to the training content
  • Students are challenged
  • Assessment is ongoing and part of teaching and learning

The learning and development training opportunities that come with the new digital landscape are endless. However, adhering to the core principles of learning and teaching are critical to developing multi-media content that is relevant, engaging and takes what people learn so it can be applied to their day-to-day role.

Key questions to ask

  • What are the learning objectives?
  • How does content relate to job related tasks?
  • How long will training take?
  • Who will you be training?
  • What tools do they have for training? Consider technical capabilities. E.g. laptop, tablet, fast internet connection
  • What assessment will you have in place to test comprehension and competency?
  • How will you be catering to different learning styles and personalities?

Clear objectives ensure the purpose of training is always clear and content is always relevant with a clear outcome. Training tools are also important.

Multi-media learning tips

  • Create tailored learning solutions. Who doesn’t like personalised content? Personalised learning solutions are effective because employers can link content directly to the learner and job performance.
  • Incorporate multi-media to reach different learners. A mix of podcasts, videos, visuals, slideshows, virtual reality, animations creates an interactive and engaging environment to reach a wide range of learners. Learners don’t all learn the same and some people learn by doing, listening, talking and watching.
  • Gamification makes learning fun and employees are able to receive visual clues that tie in with progress and performance. 

Talk to us about your learning and training goals. We can develop a solution on budget, on time that equips your workforce to deliver exceptional results.

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