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Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a leader in delivering meaningful eLearning experiences to the world.

Our mission is to provide organizations and individuals with effective, easy, and engaging solutions that provide meaningful eLearning experiences.

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Our Goals

Our aim is to be able deliver on our mission through these five key points:

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Delivery Models

We have the ability to implement online learning solutions to a variety of clientele with a variety of online learning delivery models:

Students view a series of interactive presentations and then are required to take and pass a quiz which will allow them to print their certification.

Trainer-led Fully Online

Similar to self-paced, however a trainer will need to assess student's work manually before he/she can pass the course. The trainer can also deploy virtual classes where sessions are facilitated synchronously.


Students are required to complete a series of lessons or activities online and perform the required activities and/or assessments in the training facility or classroom.

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Why Site Online Learning?

  • Globally recognised and award-winning projects delivered to leading organisations.
  • Trusted learning & development advisor to numerous global organisations.
  • Full-service capabilities – design, development, production and advanced LMS available. 
  • Industry leaders in integrating and leveraging the latest technology to deliver more effective courses.
  • Highly experienced learner-centric instructional design team.
  • Excellent global customer service and support for clients.


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